Centrum voor Onderzoek van de Economie van de Lagere Overheden


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COELO University of Groningen Faculty of Economics and Business P.O. Box 800 9700 AV Groningen Visiting address Duisenbergbuilding, room 729 Nettelbosje 2, Groningen T: + (31) 50 363 7018 Parking area Zernike (PDF)

International publications

De Greef, J.A. (2023), Effects of intermunicipal cooperation, Thesis, University of Groningen, FEB Research Institute, DOI 10.33612/diss.644085104 Rienks, H. (2022),  From preferences to policy: turnout, accountability and policy responsiveness in Dutch local government, Thesis, University of Groningen, SOM research school, DOI 10.33612/diss.252262470 Allers, M.A., Rienks, H., De Natris, J.G. (2022), When are parties punished for serving in a local coalition …

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About us

The Centre for research on local government economics (COELO) conducts research on economic and financial aspects of local government. Local governments are municipalities, regional water authorities and provinces. We carry out applied policy research as well as scientific studies. We perform research on our own initiative but also for third parties. Most of our publications …

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